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Our Mission

​Our mission is to create a thriving community by generating numerous health-savvy advocates. Utilizing chiropractic care, lifestyle education, and whole food nutrition, we plan to create the optimal quality of life for our clients.

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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are the primary care professional for spinal health and well-being. Hippocrates said “When in sickness, look at the spine first.” Structure is in fact the base of the pyramid of health, as shown below. Therefore, spinal health is essential for health and vitality…


Massage Services

Massage therapy is a great compliment to routine chiropractic care. Massage can be beneficial for increasing lymph flow, recovery from injury, relief from stress, or improved sports performance. We also have special tables available for pregnancy massage…


Holistic Health & Functional Nutrition

Holistic health differs from traditional in the approach towards the body; it looks at a person as a single entity, and it believes that everything is interconnected. Holistic health attempts to find out the root cause of the ailment, it analyses the triggers that led to the present condition and pays specific attention to…


Class IV Laser Therapy

This specific wavelength of light (just above the visible light spectrum) is able to penetrate soft tissues and body structures up to several inches. This particular wavelength of light (810 nanometers) specifically targets the mitochondria, which are the “powerhouse” of the cell. More oxygen and energy (ATP) are available for…

WHat we do

Allowing your body to heal

We do NOT believe in a cookbook approach to health. Each patient’s body functions differently and has different needs. We use a variety of tools such as blood work, symptoms surveys, consults, laser therapy, chiropractic, massage and Applied Kinesiology to identify and treat each patient’s individual needs. We also offer low force adjusting techniques such as sacro-occipital technique, cranial-sacral, Logan Basic, Active Release Therapy (ART), Kinesio-taping, and strain-counter strain. If high force is a concern for you, just let the doctors know and we will be sure to only use the aforementioned techniques to your comfort level. 

​​We have three primary goals in providing care:

Identify And Remove

Identify and remove what is interfering with the brain and body being able to communicate with each other.

Stabilize And Balance

Stabilize and balance bio-chemistry (inflammation, blood work, hormones, immune system, etc.).


Identify a nutrition intake specific to your needs.

​​We treat ALL AGES — as early as pregnancy.

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What Our Clients Say?

I wanted to feel better, lose weight, and be healthy. Dr. Rachel Brooks has helped me on so many levels. Through blood sugar stability, I have been able to stop metformin and have reduced my antidepressant. She has worked with other doctors to help me with my goals. Through supplements, regular exercise and following the dietary changes outlined by Dr. Brooks, I have been able to loose significant weight and have dropped 3 sizes. Through education and practical life applications I have a new vigor for life and have the energy to thrive instead of just survive. Dr. Brooks genuinely cares and that makes all the difference!

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Lara S

Take it from a one time skeptic… Very friendly and knowledgeable. I noticed a difference after my first appointment! She also offers a great line of natural supplements that have given me back the energy that I didn’t know I was missing. I recommend her to anyone, especially those who participate in athletics or fitness.

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Jake L.

I have been going to brookside chiropractor for a few months now (4ish), at brookside they put time and effort into each patient and I have yet to see anyone walk out not smiling. Such an incredible chiropractor and overall nutrition service. Just being in their presence alone lifts your spirits and brings light and hope to your journey and goals. They are all so incredible.

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John Johnson