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Class IV Laser Therapy

How can it help

how it works

This specific wavelength of light (just above the visible light spectrum) is able to penetrate soft tissues and body structures up to several inches. This particular wavelength of light (810 nanometers) specifically targets the mitochondria, which are the “powerhouse” of the cell. More oxygen and energy (ATP) are available for the cell, enabling much faster healing!

Also, the warming effect of the laser acts as a vasodilator of the blood vessels, opening them up to allow rejuvenating blood flow to the area. This boosts the amount of oxygen and healing nutrients available to the injured tissue area, which again speeds healing time several fold!

Effects of treatment

• Reduces pain
• Reduces inflammation
• Speeds healing time
• Promotes wound healing
• Promotes tissue regeneration
• Supports immune system response

Laser therapy is useful to attack those acute or chronic (new and old) injuries, from ankle sprains to low back/neck pain of years duration

What can it do

How is this therapy beneficial to me?

When used by appropriately trained physicians or technicians this therapy is extremely beneficial. You will complete a questionnaire before treatment begins that allows us to determine that you are a good candidate to receive this therapy.


The wavelength of light used has therapeutic healing properties for the body’s cells.


This greatly increases
the body’s natural healing process.

Immune System

immune system

Fee Schedule as follow:

Basic Laser Visit: $30.00

One Region; Less Than 5 Minutes

Extended Laser Visit: $50.00

More than one region; greater than 5 minutes

*this may be scheduled with massage therapists to increase the time of visit up to 30 min*